Just looking at a Wolf cooktop or rangetop can make your heart beat faster, with their sleek, streamlined designs. Then, use any of them just once and the real passion ignites. Gas, electric, induction – whichever you choose, you get the professional control from high end to low end that lets you cook with confidence, and ensures delicious results.


Imagine melting fine chocolate without scorching, or gently simmering a creamy béarnaise sauce to perfection. It’s this low-heat finesse – developed over eight decades in professional kitchens – that sets Wolf gas cooktops apart. Dual-stacked sealed burners deliver just a mere breath of flame, then turn on the high Btu power you need for faster boils and restaurant-quality sears.

In 15″, 30″ and 36″ widths, Wolf cooktops fit easily into almost any kitchen design.



There’s a reason so many professional chefs choose gas cooking: control. Wolf has taken that control up a notch with its patented, dual-stacked sealed burners. The upper flame ports deliver maximum heat for restaurant-quality sears and faster boils, while the lower ports turn down to just a breath of steady flame for delicate simmers and melts.

Available in 30″, 36″ or 48″.



You know that electric cooktops are safe, energy efficient and easy to clean. The Wolf electric cooktop adds another advantage: exhilarating cooking power and performance. It delivers restaurant-quality sears and fast boils at the high end, with a low-end finesse that includes a True Simmer setting with all elements, and even an element with a one-touch Melt setting for foods like fine chocolate.

All in a sleek, sophisticated package that will dress up any kitchen.



Magnetic induction is a cooking technology of startling precision, power and efficiency. The cooktop doesn’t heat up, only the cookware does, fast and with perfectly distributed heat. Turn an element up or down, and the temperature response is instantaneous – up to 40% faster than gas or electric.

You get lightning fast high heat or very low lows – the precise control you need for any dish – all on a cooktop that is highly efficient, safe and easy to clean.